The Vision

Jenine May, is called to Apostolic Ministry/church planting. Her vision to establish a diplomacy center is underway! The Embassy of the Kingdom of God: A Diplomacy Center. (What most people would call a church). It is the vision of Jenine May to establish a fully functional Diplomacy Center to represent The Kingdom of God on the Earth. It was never Jesus’s intention to establish a religion but rather His Kingdom. The bible is the constitution of the Kingdom of God and it is more about politics than religion. There are no members in The Kingdom of God but rather a kingdom of citizens. The vision for the Embassy is still being revealed to Jenine but it is her endeavor to realize the whole plan of God so that it may reflect the heart, mind, and will of the King. If you would like to know more about Jenine's vision, please contact Jenine May Ministries.


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