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Jenine May grew up on Detroit's Westside where she was exposed to inner-city life in the ghetto, escaping alcoholism, drugs, and drive-by shootings, where many of her closest friends were shot and even killed. Both her parents were alcoholics and her father died of Cirrhosis of the liver when she was 10 years old. An ordinary evening at home with her mom, was not only alarming but eye-opening to the demonic/spiritual realm, as her mother would sometimes become someone else: "Eyes big and black like marbles and a voice that was not her own". Jenine was married to one of Detroit's most infamous drug dealers in the 90's, John Bass, who served a life sentence for conspiracy to sell drugs and murder. She gave her life to the Lord when she was just 10 years old, received the Baptism of the Holy Ghost when she was 11, and rededicated her life to God when she was 21 after hearing the audible voice of God say, “That’s Enough”. Jenine knew she had to turn her life around, with God’s help.

Jenine’s first book, The Ministry of a Wife: Marriage is Ministry was birthed from Her marital experiences with John Bass, where she reveals the hand of God in the midst of emotional, sexual and physical abuse. Jenine has authored several published books ranging from ministry to relationship lessons with her most recent publication: Rapture Ready and Kingdom Minded. Not only has Jenine written books but she has also written several screenplays. Jenine is the President and Founder of KSPublishing LLC., serving clients domestic and international.
Jenine has been a guest on the popular TV show Atlanta Live in Atlanta Ga., the Reggie Gay radio show, and has co-hosted several internet radio shows. She’s hosted a Singles Seminar called “Single but not Desperate”, and a Women’s Empowerment Conference called “Our Time to Shine” in Atlanta, GA.

Jenine graduated from Northwestern High School, studied at Liberty University (Psychology/Christian Counseling) and The School of the Prophets Bible College (Begin Again Ministries, Inc. Fairburn, GA. Deborah Isom/Dean) in 2006. Jenine served as a ministry leader and teacher at True Worship Church in Detroit, established Small Groups Ministry, created a 52-week curriculum, was an altar worker and operated in the prophetic under Bishop Antonio and Pastor Nina Sims. 

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